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Im 39 years old and work in retail as a Deputy Manager. I love to craft whether it be cardmaking or altering something. I have been crafting for almost 10 years and it helps me to relax after those busy days at work. My big aim was to blog regular and get onto a design team, now Im on 2. Very proud to have recently made Jones design team. I am godmother to 2 lovely children Matty & and Rebecca...Hope you all like what you see and thanks so much for reading my blog and leaving comments.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Bad luck

Well it seems I have been hit with a bit of bad luck 10 weeks before I get married - a slipped disk !
I have had a bit of a bad back for around 18 months, suddenly a few weeks ago I got really bad pains in my buttock & leg, pins and needles which I thought would pass. When I couldn't stand it anymore I went to the Docs, and in 2 weeks I had an MRI and my results which were a slipped disk. Not much they can do ! Not the best news for my upcoming wedding and then my honeymoon to Florida ! Oh well it could be worse, 
It has though affected my ability to sit crafting, i have been trying to sit & do quick cards. And heres one of them using clearly besotted stamps again.

Hope you like it. Have a wonderful weekend, thanks for looking xxx


  1. Beautiful card Elaine :) Hope it is the end of your bad luck and you soon get some relief.

  2. Oh no, so sorry to hear about your back. You need to nurture it and just it easy. Only lying down and standing with no long spells of sitting xxx. Love your CAS star card.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  3. Hi Elaine so sorry to read this I can only hope it improves enough for you to enjoy your wedding and honeymoon although I think some of the bigger rides will be a no no for you! Fabulous CAS card, Susan x

  4. Love this card Elaine .. Fingers crossed those painkillers your taking will releive some of the pain xx

  5. Oh Elaine.... what (bad) luck! It just had to happen, I guess. But try not making worse. Rest and don't exert yourself. Th card is lovely and and now CAS is the best way to go... and keep playing with CBS!
    hugs, Asha

  6. Awesome cas card hunni!! Sorry to hear you have done your back in...i hope it gets better asap, just make sure you have plenty of rest too, then it should be better in time for your wedding and honeymoon...gowd i can't believe its only a few weeks away {exciting!!}!
    hugs and xxx