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Im 39 years old and work in retail as a Deputy Manager. I love to craft whether it be cardmaking or altering something. I have been crafting for almost 10 years and it helps me to relax after those busy days at work. My big aim was to blog regular and get onto a design team, now Im on 2. Very proud to have recently made Jones design team. I am godmother to 2 lovely children Matty & and Rebecca...Hope you all like what you see and thanks so much for reading my blog and leaving comments.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Happy new year

Hello and happy new year to all my lovely followers, 
I'm so sorry for my absence it's been so hectic. I was 40 in December and had just over 2 weeks off work as hubby had treated me to a holiday in Mexico to celebrate. We only went for a week and it was such a beautiful country, although we had a lot of problems with our hotel. But that's another story. Here's a couple of pics.

So when we got back we had to decorate the house with Xmas decorations, shopping, wrapping and cleaning etc , then it was manic going back to work less than 2 weeks before Christmas Day. I'm also very sad to say it was my last ever Xmas working with all my lovely friends at the job I have worked in for 21 years, so was also quite emotional.
We are due to get our 45 day redundancy notice tomorrow and my meeting is planned for Tuesday. The store closes on 27th February, it's a big change but we must all embrace it and think of it as an opportunity.

It was our 1st Christmas in our new home which was lovely and we had friends and family round and things are now starting to calm down. I have been doing a lot of crafting the last few days but these are for DT work so will share soon. I can show you this card I made for fun this week using doodlebug paper and spellbinders flowers. Hope you like it...

I will be back soon with more makes, and I promise to be a better blogger, well I'm going to have a lot more time on my hands soon !! 
Hope you all had a great Xmas and new year with all your family and friends, take care, big hugs Elaine x


  1. Hello!
    your card is very beautiful!
    such nice photos!
    I never been outside Croatia!
    Hope you had fun time in Mexico and your hotel problems did not spoil your time.
    Take care my friend
    Fiki ❤

  2. Lovely pics from your vacay. So sorry about the work situation. Just look at it as starting a new adventure in your life. The card is lovely. Very cheery colors and makes me long for spring. Hugs!

  3. Oh my! I am green with envy! :) Awesome holiday snaps, Elaine. Your card is sooo pretty. Great colour combo. You know what they say about doors closing. Maybe you need to shake things up and take some risks. Fingers crossed you'll something that makes you happy.
    hugs Asha

  4. Oh wow!!! Such a lovely vacation and beautiful photos!!!!! Sorry to hear about your work situation .. but I think bigger opportunities will come knocking! ;) Love your card too .. makes me think of summer sunshine!

    Big hugs,